Delicious and healthy

When we think of seaweed snacks we usually think of the sushi bar, but our snacks are different. Our Protein Snacks are a delicious, healthy alternative to crisps and other processed snacks. They are low in sugar and high in fibre, they contain more protein than most other snacks, they're vegan and suitable for vegetarians. What's not to love? Now that you've heard about our wonderful product, read below why seaweed is so good for us.

They're worth trying!

You can eat them all together in one sitting: they’re delicious and you won’t be able to stop.
 They’re good for your health: contain healthy seaweed, they’re vegetarian, vegan and easy to digest.
 They’re super easy to eat: carry them along in your handbag or backpack and have a protein boost when you need it!

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