Highly accredited Seaweed experts

Who Are Seaweed Agogo

Seaweed Agogo is headed up by a diverse and experience team of seaweed and seafood lovers, all who have come together for the same purpose - to launch our own healthy, traceable range of seaweed based product lines. Our story starts with our seaweed expert prof Mike Dillon and his interest in the huge benefits of plant health back in 1984. Mike then moved his focus further in 2007 onto Seaweed which was a natural progression. Mike is a founder member of the world seafood congress which is held worldwide. In recognition of his expertise he was asked to award the best Irish research project prize on Seaweed and health to another highly accredited Seaweed expert in 2007.

The team you can trust!

40 Years Of Plant Research

The Seaweed agogo team piloted the first MSC fish treats with certified organic seaweed in 2012. Mike has been involved in plant research for over 40 years. He has tested these compounds and worked with people who use them regularly for animal health. We believe buying organic food gives you a guarantee that the ingredients have been farmed in a natural way. We’re constantly looking at re-imagining the way we do things to minimise our environmental footprint.