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High Protein Snacks - Sample Pack X4


x1 Protein Crunchies - Orange, Cocoa & Organic Seaweed. x1 Protein Crunchies - Piri Piri & Organic Seaweed. x1 Protein Snackers - Lemon Grass, Almond & Organic Seaweed. x1 Protein Snackers - Turmeric, Nigella Seed & Organic Seaweed. FREE DELIVERY.

Seaweed is super healthy and ticks all the “on-trend” boxes ... • Vegan • Organic and Sustainable • Plant based • Low in calories and fat • A source of plant protein • High in fibre • Contains vitamins and minerals • Hand harvested • Seaweed compounds are known to be... • Anti allergenic • Immune boosters • Strengthen gut health. • Seaweed are pre-biotic superstars. It naturally contains bioactive molecules. They stimulate immune system and drive antioxidant production – which fights disease.

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