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FREE Protein Sample Pack


Get acquainted with the Seaweed Agogo High Protein Snack collection! For a limited time only you can order a sample pack absolutely FREE, you only need to pay for shipping, meaning there is no time like the present to try our products.

Up your snack game today with a FREE Seaweed Agogo High Protein Snack sample pack.

Each sample pack contains two of our best selling flavours from the Seaweed Agogo Snackers and Crunchies range:

x1 Protein Crunchies - Orange, Cocoa & Organic Seaweed.
x1 Protein Crunchies - Piri Piri & Organic Seaweed.
x1 Protein Snackers - Lemon Grass, Almond & Organic Seaweed.
x1 Protein Snackers - Turmeric, Nigella Seed & Organic Seaweed.

NOTE: only x1 bundle per customer 

    Seaweed Agogo products are Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly and use only simple, great tasting ingredients coupled with our very own, hand selected Organic Kombu Seaweed.

    For a great tasting, high protein, low calorie snack look no further than Seaweed Agogo, our Protein Snackers and Crunchies range are great for people on the go!

    Did you know our Turmeric flavour products are specially developed to give you a mental boost? Each bag contains a healthy serving of Curcumin and its activating agent Piperin to help up your mood and  improve your memory.


    Seaweed Agogo Protein Snackers & Crunchies provide the following great benefits:

    Seaweed is super healthy and the latest “on-trend” snack
    Vegan friendly
    Vegetarian friendly
    Organic and sustainable
    Low in calories and fat
    A great source of plant-based protein
    High in fibre
    Great source of vitamins & minerals
    Hand harvested
    Anti-allergenic seaweed compounds
    Immune boosting properties
    Improve gut health
    Improves antioxidant production

      Feel the benefit today by ordering a sample pack! Seaweed Agogo, get some goodness from the sea!

      Want to learn more about our Seaweed products? Get the latest Seaweed facts from Professor Mike, our in house plant based nutrition expert with more than 50 years experience.

      Seaweed is super healthy and ticks all the “on-trend” boxes ... • Vegan • Organic and Sustainable • Plant based • Low in calories and fat • A source of plant protein • High in fibre • Contains vitamins and minerals • Hand harvested • Seaweed compounds are known to be... • Anti allergenic • Immune boosters • Strengthen gut health. • Seaweed are pre-biotic superstars. It naturally contains bioactive molecules. They stimulate immune system and drive antioxidant production – which fights disease.

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