Lets talk Seaweed! It has a great environmental story...

  • There is a world trend on Seaweed as the saviour of the universe.
  • 56 countries are involved in seaweed production now and is a fast growing industry.
  • United Nations launched the 1st Seaweed manifesto in 2020 with it’s vision and mission
  • to help the planet become sustainable and use Seaweed for more applications.
  • Over 400 global companies including ourselves (Seaweed Agogo) are involved with the United Nations Manifesto.
  • Did you know 3 countries are working on Packaging made from Seaweed, including one in the UK!
  • Seaweed is a natural Carbon Catcher so is great for our oceans, and has many great benefits to our Marine Ecosystems.
  • Seaweed extracts help millions of fish become
  • healthier each time we grow them.