Goodness from the sea

The trend for popcorn is growing still and is a dominant snack, however the trend for more fortified foods which are really healthy is massively growing, which has seen the explosion of protein bars and healthy snacks.

That’s why we have launched the UK’s 1st ever range of delicious Seaweed popcorn. Its tasty, healthy and can be eaten on the go! People are cooking more and experimenting more with herbs and mixes. Seaweed has seen a large growth in culinary usage.

It is fashionable in Michelin star restaurants so we wanted it to be more accessible for eating at home which is why we launched our handy packs of organic Seaweed mixes.

Our mission is to boost your well-being with super all-organic seaweed. Staying healthy should taste great as well as feel great. We want to educate everyone about the power of seaweed.